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At Flat Fee Tax Service, we offer a trusted taxpayer advocate service for IRS tax relief.

After working for a large tax resolution company for three years, Flat Fee attorney, David Isaac observed that there where many unethical practices taking place within the IRS tax relief and resolution industry. This was especially true with the larger companies that relied on television advertising to generate their business. These tax relief companies often set their fees by interviewing potential clients and determining their ability to pay. The companies charged more if the potential client could pay more. We thought this was wrong and set ourselves to finding a better way of working with clients.

Whether you owe $10,000 or $95,000, it doesn't make any difference. The amount of work to resolve your tax problem is the same.

Flat Fee Tax Service was founded as a taxpayer advocate service to provide full tax service in a better way. David Isaac enlisted the help of Dave Rosa and Holger Hansen to bring together a team of tax professionals that would provide ethical, economical IRS tax relief solutions for financially struggling taxpayers.

Based in San Diego, California, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides expert tax resolution for clients located all over the world. From Jerusalem to the Philippines and throughout our United States, our tax relief team will resolve your tax debt issue.

Why We Are Your Best Choice for Taxpayer Advocate Service

Flat Fee Tax Service posts our fees for OIC tax services on our site, so unlike other IRS tax relief companies, there is no unethical salesmanship used to obtain new clients.

Second, Flat Fee would utilize client referrals, internet advertising and blogging to keep costs down, which would allow us to pass our savings to our clients.

Finally, Flat Fee Tax Service would not take accept a client unless we were certain that our taxpayer advocate service can benefit you.

We do not strive to be the "biggest tax resolution company." "We strive to be the Best Taxpayer Advocate Service." Contact Flat Fee Tax Service and let us see if our IRS tax relief service is the best option for you. Today, Flat Fee Tax Service is proud to be providing hundreds of clients each year with high-quality tax preparation and resolution services at an affordable cost.

Main Tax Payer Advocate Service Team Includes:

  • Holger Hansen - Unfiled Tax Preparation
  • David Isaac - Tax Resolution (Levy Releases, Settlements, Abatement)
  • Tom Huffman - Tax Resolution
  • Dave Rosa - Customer Relations (Client consultations)
  • Tricia Funk - Office Administration

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