IRS Tax Relief FAQ's

At Flat Fee Tax Service we proivde IRS tax relief service and can help you obtain an IRS installment agreement. The following are some of the FAQs about Offer in Compromise, IRS tax relief, elgibility for an IRS installment agreement, and information about our flat fee tax service.

How quickly can I have an IRS levy (garnishment) released from my wages?

Nearly everyone who calls us for their confidential consultation, does so because they have been informed that the IRS will be seizing money from their next paycheck. Our team, led by Attorney David Isaac, can have the IRS tax levy stopped, removed and released in one day provided there is not an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your case. In normal circumstances, it is probable that the IRS levy can be stop and removed within hours of becoming our client.

How difficult is my IRS problem if I have a Revenue Officer assigned to my case?

Should you have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to the enforcement of your income tax debt, it is because you have a "large" balance due. Prior to releasing a levy, the Revenue Officer will require all missing tax returns be filed in a very short amount of time. The Revenue Officer will also require a full financial disclosure prior to releasing the levy. You should never attempt to resolve your income tax debt on your own should you have a Revenue Officer assigned to you.

Can the IRS levy be released if all of my tax returns have not been prepared and filed?

Our IRS tax relief team has had great success with the IRS in having a levy released and removed even though our client is not compliant (the last six years of returns filed). The IRS normally requires that at least the last 6 years of tax returns be filed prior to releasing a levy. If you have not filed tax returns and have an IRS levy, we highly recommend that you do not attempt to have the levy released on your own. If you do call the IRS, you are only asking for more trouble.

Once my IRS levy is released and removed, what happens then?

After your levy has been released and stopped, you will either be made to enter into an Installment Agreement, be declared Currently not Collectible or you may settle with the IRS through the Offer in Compromise program. Which solution is predicated on your current financial circumstances. Each of these resolutions has it's own particular pitfalls that need to navigated by our experienced IRS tax relief professional.

Am I qualified and eligible to settle with the IRS or get an IRS installment agreement?

An IRS settlement is based on your monthly income. The IRS has an intricate financial formula that determines what is to be paid. If you has assets such as equity in real property or money in an IRA or 401K, these will be expected to be applied to your past due income tax debt. If you do not have any assets and have modest income, you may very well be able to settle with the IRS for less than the tax debt. An IRS installment agreement is also possible if you owe less than $50,000 on individual tax, interest, and penalties to the IRS. During our initial consultation, we will have a very good idea if you qualify for an IRS installment agreement or IRS settlement.

I have called several IRS tax resolution companies and they have wildly different fees and terms. Why is that?

Let us take all of mystery out of the cost for resolving your IRS income tax problem. Most tax resolution firms have salesmen handle the initial consultation. It is in the interest of these salesmen to charge as much as they can as they work on commission. The big secret to IRS income tax resolution is that whether you owe $10,000 or $90,000, it requires the same amount of work to complete your Offer in Compromise. Our team, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., knows how long it will take us to stop your IRS levy. We know how long it will take to prepare your missing tax returns. Our tax relief team knows how many labor hours it will take to do your Offer in Compromise. That is why we are able to charge our clients low affordable fees.

How long will an Offer in Compromise take to complete the settlement?

Most Offer in Compromise applications take approximately 10 to 12 months to complete. Can it take less time? Yes it can, but, count on the entire process to take a period of 10 to 12 months. That is one of the reasons that we stretched out our fees over a 10 month period.

What can I do to help me choose the best IRS tax relief team?

We live in the information age, so search the IRS tax relief companies that you are considering on the internet. Check the Better Business Bureau. Read the testimonials posted at the Better Business Bureau. Is the company that you are considering to represent you accredited by the BBB? Remember this, "BAD NEWS" travels fast and unhappy customers have many avenues to post their grievances. Use the internet to check out the IRS tax help team. Many people have relied on Flat Fee Tax Service for our IRS tax relief because of our reputation for successful outcomes.

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